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HOME 6 pages
Company Profile
Contact Us
Summit Traffic Home
News/ 4 pages
New Partners
New Website
Web changes
Products/ 15 pages
FAQ's - Cable
FAQ's - Radio
FAQ's - TV
More Info-Cable
More info-Radio
More Info-TV
Summit Traffic for Cable
Summit Traffic for Radio
Summit Traffic for Television
Support 13 pages
Client Installation
External Interfaces
Installation Instructions
Client Support
Product Support
Technical Support Policies
Server Installation
Standalone Installation
Submit a Bug Report
Support FAQs
Why Pervasive?
Client login 4 pages
Client Home
Client Login
Client Registration
Request password reset
Overviews 9 pages
A/R overview
Automation overview
Billing overview
Media Inventory overview
Program inventory overview
Programming overview
Reports overview
System overview
Traffic overview
Implementation and Planning Guide 19 pages
Channel Profile
Channel Group Profile
Client Profile
Customization and Defaults profile
Data Entry Dates
Implementation and Planning Guide
List Account Execs
List Advertisers
List Agencies
List Contracts
List Copy
List Dayparts
List Industries
List Miscellaneous Definitions
List Open Invoices
List Programs
List Rep Firms
List Sales Types
User Profile
Manual 4 pages
Online Manual Home
Modules 37 pages
A/R Balance Query
Accounting Modules
Advertiser Schedule Query
Avails Export
Avails Reports
Billing History/Goals Utility
Channel XRef
Define Channels/Groups
Define Users
Extend Schedules
Import Contracts
Import Programming
Inventory Modules
Inventory Usage Reports
Media Inventory
Program Inventory
Programming modules
Report Customization
Report Modules
Reschedule Make goods
Sales Modules
Sales Reports
Sales Reports Charts
Send Files to Summit
Traffic Modules
Traffic Reports
Utility Modules
Utility Reports
Getting Started 15 pages
Getting Started
Help Menu
Launching Summit Traffic
Locating Specific Records
Logon and Logoff
Module Options
Pre-defined Items
Replaceable Characters
Report Restrictions
Reports Sort By
Selecting Dates
Set Context
Common Data Entry 17 pages
Account Exec Data Entry
Account Exec Defaults
Advertiser Data Entry
Advertiser Defaults
Agency Data Entry
Agency Defaults
Common Data Entry
Dayparts Data Entry
Distributor Data Entry
Edit Menus
Industry Data Entry
Industry Defaults
Misc Definitions Data Entry
Pre-defined Items
Rep Firm Data Entry
Rep Firm Defaults
Sales Type Data Entry
A/R 28 pages
A/R Data Entry Menu
A/R Defaults
A/R Reports
A/R Tools Menu
Adjust Pre-payments
Adjustments Report
Aging Report
Apply Finance Charges
Balance Summary Report
Enter Adjustments
Enter Adjustments Action Menu
Enter Adjustments File Menu
Enter Payments
Enter Payments Action Menu
Enter Payments File Menu
Enter Trade Credits
Enter Trade Credits Action Menu
Enter Trade Credits File Menu
Enter Transactions
Enter Transactions Edit Menu
Finance Charges Applied Report
Past Due Report
Payments Received Report
Pre-payments Received Report
Sales Tax Applied Report
Service Charges Applied Report
Trade Credits Applied Report
Automation 10 pages
Automation Actions Menu
Create Schedule files
Extra Verified Spots Report
Print Verification file
Print Schedule file
Print Window file
Reconcile Logs
System Configuration
Verification Analysis Report
Avails Reports 4 pages
Avails Detail by priority
Avails Detail Report
Avails Display
Avails Report
Billing 13 pages
Billing Defaults
Billing Detail Report
Billing Distribution
Billing Report
Billing Reports
Billing Tools Menu
Create EDI file
Create MRI file
Post Traffic to Billing
Posting Preview
Pre-billing Analysis
Print Invoices
Unbilled Spots
Billing History 7 pages
Billing History Data Entry
Billing History Data Entry Edit Menu
Billing History Data Entry Tools Menu
History Report
Set Goals
Set History From A/R
Year End Update
Define Channels/Groups 7 pages
Channel Data Entry
Channel Data Entry Edit Menu
Channel Data Entry Tools Menu
Groups Data Entry
Groups Data Entry Edit Menu
Groups Data Entry Tools Menu
Groups Numbering Convention
Define Users 5 pages
Access Restrictions
Form Access
Module Access
Report Access
SMTP Settings
Inventory Usage Reports 6 pages
CM by Program
Daypart Summary
Ordered vs. Verified
Unit Analysis
Usage by Daypart
Usage by Program
Import Contracts 3 pages
Data Entry
System specific instructions
Import Programming 3 pages
Data Entry
System specific instructions
Media Inventory 13 pages
Media Available Report
Media Ending Report
Media In-use Report
Media Inventory Data Entry
Media Inventory Data Entry Edit Menu
Media Inventory Data Entry Menu
Media Inventory Quick-ref
Media Inventory Reports
Media On-hold Report
Media Starting Report
Media To Be Destroyed Report
Media To Be Encoded Report
Media To Be Returned Report
Program Inventory 21 pages
Program Inventory Data Entry
Program Inventory Data Entry Edit Menu
Program Inventory Data Entry Menu
Program Inventory Data Entry View Menu
Program Inventory Defaults
Elements Data Entry
Elements Data Entry Edit Menu
Elements Data Entry Options Menu
Expiring Report
Insert Elements
Import from Traffic
Plays Data Entry
Plays Data Entry Edit Menu
Program Inventory Quick-ref
Program Inventory Reports
Program Inventory Tools Menu
Retime Elements
Runs Remaining Report
Starting Report
Usage Report
Usage Summary Report
Programming 36 pages
Add Payment info
Avails Defined Report
Cancel Program
Commit Program
Commit Programs On-hold
Create MRI file
Edit Payment info
Elements Data Entry
Elements Data Entry Edit Menu
Elements Data Entry View Menu
Hold Program
Import From Inventory
Paid Program Confirmation
Plays Data Entry
Plays Data Entry Edit Menu
Program Avails Report
Programming Data Entry Menu
Programming Defaults
Programming Payment Menu
Programming Reports
Programming Tools Menu
Programs Data Entry
Programs Data Entry Edit Menu
Programs Data Entry Tools Menu
Programs Data Entry View Menu
Programs Ending Report
Programs Not Verified Report
Programs Quick-ref
Programs Starting Report
Programs To Run Report
Re-time Program
Remove Payment info
Revision Info
Skeleton Schedule
Test Program
TV Guide List
Quick-Ref Reports 13 pages
Account Exec quick-ref
Advertiser quick-ref
Agency quick-ref
Channel quick-ref
Contract quick-ref
Copy quick-ref
Daypart quick-ref
Distributor quick-ref
Industry quick-ref
Misc definitions quick-ref
Rep firm quick-ref
Sales type quick-ref
Zone/Group quick-ref
Sales Reports 9 pages
Billing Projection
Booked Contract Summary
Comparative Billing Projection
Earned Revenue Projection
Revenue Analysis
Revenue Analysis by Daypart
Revenue Distribution Analysis
Sales Pacing
Sales Summary
Sales Reports Charts 6 pages
Billing Projection Chart
Comparative Billing Projection Chart
Comparative Earned Revenue Projection Chart
Earned Revenue Projection Chart
Sales Pacing Chart
Sales Summary Chart
Traffic 50 pages
Assign Copy
Assign Fillers
Contract Data Entry
Contract Defaults
Contract Data Entry Dealers Menu
Contract Data Entry Edit Menu
Contract Data Entry Search Menu
Contract Data Entry Tools Menu
Contract Data Entry View Menu.php
Copy Data Entry
Copy Data Entry Defaults
Copy Data Entry Edit Menu
Copy Data Entry Search Menu
Copy Data Entry Tools Menu
Copy Data Entry View Menu
Detail Page Data Entry
Detail Page Edit Menu
Detail Page Script Menu
Detail Page View Menu
Edit Schedules
Edit Schedules Edit Menu
Edit Schedules Options Menu
Edit Schedules Preferences
Edit Schedules Search Menu
Edit Schedules Tools Menu
Lock Schedules
Misc Billing Page Data Entry
Misc Billing Page Defaults
Misc Billing Page Edit Menu
Misc Billing Page Tools Menu
Misc Billing Page View Menu
Post Schedules
Schedule Page Additional Tab
Schedule Page Data Entry
Schedule Page Defaults
Schedule Page Dual Spots Tab
Schedule Page Edit Menu
Schedule Page Rates Menu
Schedule Page Schedule Tab
Schedule Page Tools Menu
Schedule Page View Menu
Scheduling Rules
Traffic Data Entry Menu
Traffic Schedules Menu
View Make goods
View Make goods Edit Menu
View Make goods Options Menu
View Make goods Preferences
View Make goods Search Menu
View Make goods Tools Menu
Traffic Reports 12 pages
Contract Confirmation
Copy Assigned.
Copy Confirmation
Copy To Be Assigned
Log Spot Summary
Make goods Pending
Media IDs Running
Missing Copy
Ordered vs. Scheduled
Print Logs
Schedule Discrepancy
Spots To Run
Utility 20 pages
Archive Database Tables
Auto Media ID Numbering
Cancel Programs
Convert Tables
Database Inconsistencies
Database Status
Display System Log
Initialize Media IDs
Re-key Programs
Rebuild Database Tables
Record auto-numbering
Remove Assigned Copy
Remove Expired Data
Remove Schedules
Repair A/R Balances
Reset System Logs
Set field defaults
System Configuration
Test A/R Integrity
Test Programming
Utility Reports 10 pages
Advertiser Activity
Contract Performance
Contract Reconciliation
Contracts Ending
Contracts Starting
Copy Ending
Copy Starting
Media IDs ending
Media IDs starting
Spot Tracking

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