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Why Pervasive?

Why did we choose Pervasive PSQL for the database engine?

Quite simply, it does what we need it to do better than any other engine.  In order to provide both real-time dynamic scheduling and comprehensive reporting, a simple SQL solution isn't adequate.

From the Pervasive PSQL Evaluation Guide:

Pervasive PSQL provides both transactional and relational data access in one database engine.  Users can employ both data access methods to the same data at the same time, providing multiple views of a single data store.  The transactional method provides a very high level of programming control and the fastest transaction processing on the market today.  The relational method provides the ability to access data using standard SQL and other open-standard tools such as ODBC.  Now users can optimize transaction-intensive applications for speed, without compromising the flexibility and ease-of-programming of reporting-intensive applications.  Both data access methods can even be used in the same application, at the same time, to optimize individual tasks.

This unique architecture delivers the ability to access a common data store with the method that is most appropriate for a particular task.  The developer can, for example, optimize a high-throughput transaction-intensive task, such as processing high-volume bank account data, [or dynamic, real-time scheduling] using the transactional access method for its sheer speed and reliability.  At the same time, and in the same application, a task that requires relational access—reporting, for example—would use the relational access method for its sophisticated query capabilities.  With other databases, individual functions can be optimized, but the developer is locked into the database’s overall access method; a relational database works well for reporting, but it does not provide the speed required for high-volume transaction processing operations.  In addition, when multiple databases are used in the same environment, existing data may be incompatible or require a time-consuming conversion process.



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