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Company Profile

Highly Capable - Highly Affordable

Advertising Sales Management and Traffic & Billing Systems

Formed in 1983, Summit Software Systems, Inc. has been working continuously with the Broadcast and Cable industries to create Traffic, Billing, and Ad Sales Management Systems that far surpass the capability of other systems available in the market today.

These systems are not the product of a single project, but are a result of an evolutionary process.  The software has evolved over the years to meet and exceed the needs of Summit Software clients and will continue to evolve in the future.

We grow with our clients in order to guarantee them a substantial and sustainable competitive advantage.

We are committed to helping our clients become more successful by better managing commercial inventory, increasing revenue, and decreasing expenses.  Throughout the entire process Summit Software provides the tools you need - real solutions, not empty promises.

Summit Software's products are targeted to the television, cable, and radio industries.  Hybrid systems can be configured so you can manage multiple industries from a single office.  In addition, we can configure systems for Cable, Television, or Radio networks, in-house programming needs, etc.

From the smallest standalone office to the largest distributed group operation, Summit Software Systems, Inc. has a system designed for you.  Summit Software uses client/server architecture and a relational/transactional database model to optimize performance and cost.

Because everyone has different needs, Summit Software provides a system that is flexible and sophisticated, and that can be customized by the user to fit their needs.  At the same time we offer a system that is simple to use and easy to understand.  Many years of research and development have produced a system that is very user-friendly, implemented with state of the art technology, and that continues to grow to meet our clients' needs effectively and efficiently.

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